Women’s interest in 2016


So what are women interested in these days? A question that has hit me when I was participating as a vendor at the Toronto’s Women Expo which was held in my neighbourhood on January 19th, 2016.

I looked around me to examine my fellow participants in this 6th edition of the Expo. I found a lot of life coaching specialists, natural healers including me, green juices & natural vitamins representatives, an essential oils vendor, insurance and financial institutions representatives, an educational toys vendor, physical trainers, a business promotional company, natural face creams, clothes & hand made jewellery sellers.

I concluded that there is a remarkable change in how we look at modern women. We (women) are no longer only interested in makeup, clothing, cleaning products, cooking utensils & whatever is related to our children. We are more focused into the overall balance in our lives. We consult life coaches, we heal our bodies naturally through healthy nutrition, natural healing sessions, and exercise. We make sure we look wonderful through the great choice of clothes and jewellery and most of all we take care of our financial and insurance choices.

This definitely does not mean women lost interest in their houses and children. They have just realized that when they do not take care of themselves, they are simply not able to take care of any other person. I always use the example of the instructions given in airplanes in case of the loss of cabin pressure. The passengers are told to put the oxygen masks on their mouth and nose first and then assist their children. This is the only way for both parents and children to survive in this case of emergency.

I believe that this is what I saw at the event. Women have evolved. They have understood that in order to continue being the caretakers and the nurturers of their families and homes, they have to maintain a healthy balance emotionally, spiritually and physically; and that taking care of themselves is not a selfish way of living, it is actually the most effective and durable way which guarantees the best quality of life for them and their loved ones.