What can I say?

This is the fifth of a series of seven blogs about the chakras, the energy centres, in our bodies: the fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra.

The Throat Chakra is located around the throat area of our body. It is the first of the three upper chakras, which are related to the spiritual aspect of our life.

The throat chakra is connected with the colour blue. The power of the throat chakra helps us express ourselves fully but also to listen to others. It manages our ability to speak and communicate clearly, both verbally and non-verbally.

When this chakra is off balance, we face the inability to say what we really want to say. We are incapable of asking for help or articulate our true desires. This leads to cases of fear of public speaking, shyness, social anxiety, stubbornness and emotional detachment.
The physical parts of the body related to the throat chakra, are obviously the throat but also the head, mouth, neck and shoulders.

Therefore, if this chakra is unbalanced, we might have physical issues such as sore throat, thyroid issues, dental problems, mouth ulcers, hoarseness, neck misalignment and jaw pain.

So how to take care of our fifth chakra?

1. We can repeat the following affirmations:

• I speak my truth freely and openly
• I know when to speak and when to listen
• I express my love and goodness every time I speak
• I am safe and trust others to accept me exactly as I am

2. We can use the colour blue in our clothing especially covering the actual chakra.

3. We can also use blue crystals, such as blue celestite, and Lapis Lazuli. We can wear them or we can place them on the placement of the chakra while lying down.

4. We can also eat blue coloured food, such as blue berries.

5. We can also use some essential oils like bergamot, chamomile and lavender.

6. We can use some sound healing practices: like join a drumming circle or listen to healing music.

7. We can journal instead of speaking our truth for a while to build the courage to express ourselves verbally, or meditate on how it will be freeing to step beyond the obstacle of shutting our real desires and dreams.

Looking forward to talking to you about the sixth chakra: the Third Eye chakra.