Interview: All You Need to Know About Distance Reiki Healing with Business Talk Radio

Are you curious how I can help you heal anxiety, stress, depression or relieve any pain or tension without even having to be in the same country that you live in?

Here is my latest radio interview with Business Talk Radio.  In this chat I talk about distance or Remote Reiki healing or Telemedicine which is a new term being coined in the medical world.  
In this interview I answer a lot of questions that you might have about energy healing at a distance:

  • What is distance or remote Reiki healing?
  • How is a distance Reiki session conducted?
  • What does distance Reiki help heal?
  • Do you have any testimonials or success stories?
  • Can distance Reiki healing be performed in groups, with people miles apart?
This is a very exciting subject that I like to spread awareness about. I really enjoyed having this interview and sharing the knowledge about energy healing with the world on internet radio.  I really hope I helped you have a clearer idea about it.

Have a listen below!