Last Weekend, 21 and 22 May 2016, I attended in a lovely event in Downtown Toronto. The “I Can Do It” event created by Hay House publishing company It is a combination of speeches given by spiritual authors on different subject, all aiming at uplifting, motivating and encouraging the participants to move to the next level of their lives in the direction of achieving their lives purposes, while feeling blessed, happy and abundant in all areas.

First of all, there was a tribute to Dr Wayne Dyer, who passed away last August, and who was one of the greatest teachers of our time in my point of view. He spoke about the power of Intention. He was funny, open and looked better and better as he got older. God bless his soul.

Next there was Anita Moorjani, who spoke about her extraordinary Near Death Experience, and her complete recovery from a deadly cancer, to achieve her mission of explaining to people that we are eternal loving souls and that we have to “love ourselves as if our lives depend on it, because they do!”

Following the lunch break, Joe Dispenza spoke about our beautiful brain and the connections which are created when we do things differently and when we try new things. Thoughts are very powerful and therefore, it is very important to control the flow of thoughts which is usually the same every day. Meditation is extremely important to take us out of the uncontrolled sequence of thoughts and actions that we do every day.

Nick Ortner’s speech and practice was about EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping. You tap with your fingers on specific points on your body, which are ends of meridians and you get amazing results concerning releasing anxiety, pain, worries, shame, etc… All the audience was tapping along with Nick and it felt great.

Afterwards came the Canadian psychic and medium Colette Baron-Reid. Her message was that our departed loved ones are communicating with us all the time. They are assisting us in our path and are very happy when we listen. She gave readings to some people in the audience and they were touching, loving and contained guidance and sometimes apologies from the other side.

The last talk of the first day was Dr Christian Northrup. She spoke about the aging process and how we can easily disrupt it and feel wonderful as we age. She gave numerous tips about keeping fit, trying new things, loving life, feeling awesome and grateful every day.

Sunday begun with a longer lesson by Brendon Burchard, the author of the Motivation Manifesto. He gave a very lively talk about how to set the bar higher and to follow your dreams. There was a very funny part about facing our fears, when he decided to try sky diving and he didn’t follow any of the instructions and everything was on film!

The second speaker on Sunday was Mastin Kipp, talking about life purpose. Unfortunately, I missed this part as I wanted to check out the books which were displayed, and this was not possible during the breaks because of the very enthusiastic crowd!

After Lunch, Mike Dooley gave the participants messages from his book about the top ten things dead people want to tell. He reiterated his message about “Thoughts Become Things” once again. Also he read an imagined letter from a departed pet thanking his owner. It was very touching: full of gratitude, forgiveness and unconditional love.

Gabrielle Bernstein followed by giving the spectators an inspiring story of awakening: Her own. We keep discovering ourselves the more we dig and search. Soul searching has been a quest, humankind has been on for as long as it has existed. She closed by saying that the answers are all within us when she used the metaphor of the eggshell: if it is broken from the outside, it is cracked, but if it is broken from the inside it is reborn!

One of my favourites was next, Cheryl Richardson. She is the advocate of Extreme Self Care. But this time, she spoke beautifully about how to master relaxing and having down time. She spoke about the epiphanies we can have by getting in touch with nature and connecting with animals. Great topic.

My most favourite of all, was the last speaker Gregg Braden. He is the spiritual scientist who will explain to people all that is mystical by giving scientific proof. He explained how the heart has brain cells, and that it is time for humanity to do everything from the heart and let the brain follow. Intuition at its highest.

I am very grateful I had the chance to be part of this inspirational event. I am a big fan of Hay House and its founder Louise Hay. I have great respect for all the writers of this publishing company; they are the greatest teachers of our time. They chose to expose themselves and their deepest thoughts and discoveries and stand humbly and vulnerably in front of all of us to help guide the way. I certainly intend to continue on reading and learning from them and from others. Life is certainly a learning adventure!