Healing the Heart, Spreading the Love

This is the fourth of a series of seven blogs about the chakras, the energy centres, in our bodies: the fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra.

The Heart Chakra is located around the heart area of our body. It is the central chakra connecting the 3 lower chakras to the 3 upper chakras.
The lower chakras basically take care of our physical aspect of life and the upper chakras are responsible for the spiritual aspect of our life.

The heart chakra is connected with the colour green mostly but it can also relate to the colour pink. The power of the heart chakra helps us live our lives in compassion, affection and unconditional love.

This is so perfect, because the great flow of our energy and the connection between our physical self and our spiritual self is basically guided by our capability of living a life of love and compassion.

When this chakra is off balance, it opens doors to emotions such as jealousy, anger, fear of betrayal, grief and hatred towards others and yourself. Its common manifestation is through holding grudges against someone or something.

Cases of shyness, social anxiety, and inability to give and receive are related to a poor functioning of the heart chakra.

The physical parts of the body related to the heart chakra, are obviously the heart but also the chest, lungs, arms and hands. So if this chakra is unbalanced, we might have physical issues such as poor blood circulation, high or low blood pressure, or heart and lung conditions.

So how to take care of your fourth chakra: your heart chakra?

1. We can repeat the following affirmations:

• My heart space radiates powerful green light.
• I am worthy of the purest love.
• I direct love and light towards myself.
• I live in harmony with all other beings.
• I release and let go of all resentment.

2. We can use the colours green or pink in our clothing especially covering the actual chakra.

3. We can also use green or pink crystals, such as Green quartz, malachite and rose quartz. We can wear them or we can place them on the placement of the chakra while lying down.

4. We can also eat green food, such as broccoli, celery, spinach and zucchinis.

5. We can also use some essential oils like rose, geranium and jasmine.

6. As the colour green is related to the heart chakras, it makes sense to go out in nature and breathe in the green vibrations around us and feel the Earth’s unconditional love.

7. There are also a lot of heart chakra activation guided meditations and journaling activities for gratitude and forgiveness, which we can find online. These can have a great impact on our heart chakra’s health.

Looking forward to talking to you about the fifth chakra: the throat chakra.