Do Animals have a Life Purpose?

Yesterday, although the weather was not very pleasant, and the driving conditions were very poor, I decided to still go to an “Animal Communication” 3 hours course that I had booked weeks ago.

I arrived at the venue and found out that there was a problem with the heating at the building but that the presentation will still take place. I have to tell you that I love animals very much and I really wanted to know more about them from a spiritual point of view, so I stayed.

The course started off with the ways animals communicate with us. In addition to their different sounds and body language, it is through telepathy that they pass on information. The definition of telepathy in the dictionary is “communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception”. So they use their minds to transmit a picture (clairvoyance), a sound (clairaudience), a feeling (clairsentience), or a knowing (claircognizance) to our minds so that we understand what they want. The challenge here is for us to get the information they send us and not to discard it because we haven’t received it through our normal 5 senses.

But the part that was most interesting in these beautiful 3 hours talking about our beloved companions is that all animals come with a life purpose, exactly as we do. The different life purposes can be:
– The Healer
– The Comforter
– The Protector
– The Clown
– The Rescuer
– The Lover
There are other purposes but these are the main ones.
An animal can have a combination of 2 or 3 life purposes at once.

The Healer is the animal which will stay with its ‘Human’ all the time when the latter is sick, they will not go anywhere, merely eat or drink, and they can take on the human’s illness at the same time.
The Comforter is the animal who knows when we are feeling down and will come to comfort us. If we are anxious or distressed, they will do their best to calm us down.
The Protector will take care of the herd and protect its boundaries. The herd includes the other animals in the house.
The Clown is here on earth to make us laugh. It brings joy wherever it goes by being goofy and doing funny tricks.
The Rescuer is here to rescue humans and animals in distress. You may have seen pictures of the St Bernard dogs which save people who have been lost in the mountains in the snow or after an avalanche. There are also dogs which help the police find lost people.
The Lover is just a loving creature. It is very low maintenance. It doesn’t need anything. It just loves everybody and this is its life purpose.

The beautiful addition at the end of the presentation had to do with the animal signs or animal totems. If we dream about an animal, or if we see an unusual animal, this is a sign. There are many websites and excellent books which describe what an animal totem means. The funny thing is that last night while driving in these harsh conditions of snow, a wild rabbit crossed the street in front of me. So I looked up the spiritual meaning of a rabbit in my book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, and also on and found out that the rabbit is a sign for abundance, vulnerability and comfort. It takes leaps (of faith) and the results usually are realized in 28 days like the moon cycle.

And last but not least, remember your animal chooses you not the other way around. It may show up at your doorstep, or just react to you differently in a pet store, and you know this is the one for you. So take care of your animal and protect it from unwanted sickness and negative energies, by keeping yourself healthy and calm, by practicing energy healing on it also, and by clearing the space around it by burning incense or by using any energy clearing method.

So animal lovers, I hope I made good use of my course and gave you information that will give you clarity and make you think why you have your specific pet at home, or why you keep on seeing this wild animal in your dream…