Colour a Mandala

Last October, I was blessed to go to a weekend Yoga Retreat. It was a great experience. I went for the retreat because I was curious. But it was far better than I expected. I met heart-centered ladies. The harmony was obvious. The love was expressed through the hugs at the end of the retreat. I learned a lot during this lovely weekend. I learned that practicing yoga 3 times a day is totally doable and not exhausting. I learned that a silent walk in the forest when it is freezing cold is a spiritually enlightening experience. I also learned that eating clean healthy food makes your body sing. Literally, you don’t have any cravings; you are alive and awake during the day and sleep very well at night.

But the first time I coloured a Mandala, was during the breaks, were we could just do nothing, read a book, socialize and talk, or express our creativity through choosing a mandala and colouring it. I looked at the other ladies colouring while listening to light music and smelling essential oils, and I saw true calmness and peace (in action). I imagine if I could picture the auras of those ladies, they would be very balanced beautiful glowing white light auras.

What is a Mandala? The official definition is that it is a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. So basically, while choosing the pattern you will give life to by colouring it, you see what resonates with your soul and makes it happy and elated. This can be your universe for this short period of time. It sets the tone for your day, and changes your thinking pattern from negative to positive.

It takes time to colour a detailed mandala, but while you are doing it you actually don’t care about the time, you are choosing the colours, you are totally into the shades and tones, shapes and curves, which means you are meditating!

So, for those who cannot sit quietly and meditate, colouring a Mandala is the best alternative. It stops the mind chatter and the erratic thinking; it keeps you in the present moment, no future, no past, just now!

Since October 2015 up till now, I haven’t stopped finding beautiful patterns of Mandalas and colouring them. I started finding out which type of colours I preferred to use and when I finished one page, if I was inspired, I gave it a name.

I encourage you to try out this practice, and see what you feel about it. Of course, it is not for everyone, but it is definitely worth a trial. There are many websites where you can print a mandala, such as, or