Would I dare giving you guidance about how to deal with change at this very powerful time of … change?

I was called to write this blog and talk a bit about this very complex topic. It is very paradoxical that no one is comfortable with change and yet it is NORMAL. It is the only constant in life. Without change, things, people and nature simply vanish.

I decided to share the story from a book I read a long time ago, back when I had just immigrated to Canada and was dealing with a lot of change. The book is called “Who moved my cheese?” by Dr Spencer Johnson.

It is a very small book that you can read or listen to in one sitting. It clarifies different ways of dealing with change in a fun setting of mice and little people in a maze. The story goes when these characters had found an abundant station where there was a wealth of cheese, symbolizing everything that they needed, available to them. They stayed there and got comfortable. Some of them even decided that they were entitled for the cheese.

One day, they got to the station and the cheese had vanished. The little mice, having predicted that the cheese supply was coming to an end, moved fast and went into the maze to find another place to live. They did that very fast and found what they were looking for and stayed vigilant, ready to move on when they needed to.

The little people Hem and Haw, got angry and frustrated. They decided that if they just waited, their cheese will come back, and everything will be normal again.

After a while, and when starvation hit, one of the little people, Haw, decided to move on. He went into the maze to look for a new life. The journey wasn’t easy and Haw had to fight doubt and fear. He eventually found little crumbs here and there and tried to get his companion Hem to join him in his quest for the new life. Hem, stagnant in his stubbornness, didn’t want to respond to reality and refused to go on a new adventure.

Haw started again and kept on using strong affirmations such as “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” He continued on and finally found the new station with tasty new cheese. This time, he understood that he shouldn’t get too comfortable and that he should anticipate change, as it will eventually occur.

Some of his affirmations were:
– Savour the adventure and enjoy the taste of new cheese!
– Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again

So which type of personality do you think you are? Food for thoughts!