Base Chakra: What it is and How to help Balance it

Root Chakra

As promised, I will start my series of talks about the chakras by talking about the root chakra.

This is the first chakra located along the spine at the level of the tailbone, and it is a part of the 3 lower chakras: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Basically dealing with the physical aspect of the body.

The root chakra is connected with the colour red. It has to do with our survival. We need food & shelter to survive and a sense of belonging. We are also grounded and connected to Earth to gain our balance and to give us root and energy to go on with our days.

So when this chakra is off balance, we feel insecure and unrooted. Cases of anger, rage depression, anxiety, worry and panic are related to a poor functioning of the root chakra. Also lack of focus, lack of energy and drive are all related to a blocked root chakra.

The physical parts of the body related to the root chakra are the adrenals, colon, kidneys, bladder, legs and feet, bones and skeleton.

So how to take care of your first chakra: your root chakra?

1. We can repeat the following affirmations:
I am safe
I am home
I am grounded
I am centered

2. We can use the colour red in our clothing especially covering the actual chakra.

3. We can also use red crystals, such as red jasper or garnet or dark and black crystals such as black tourmaline. We can wear them or we can place them on the placement of the chakra while lying down.

4. We can also eat red food, such as strawberries, beetroot, cherries or tomatoes.

5. We can also use some grounding essential oils like sandalwood, frankincense, rosemary, and Cedar.

6. Most importantly, to activate and align the root chakra: connecting with Earth is essential. We can do that by walking bare feet on the grass or on the sand at the beach. Or just by moving and doing physical activities.

7. If we cannot be in the outdoors, we can visualize ourselves sitting down and our feet are growing red roots connecting down to the centre of the Earth, this should help with the grounding as much as the actual physical activity.

Looking forward to the talk to you about the second Chakra: the Sacral Chakra